Frequently Asked Questions…

How do I order my individual vTour?
Our order process is quite easy. Just choose from our available packages and hit the “Make booking button”. Once chosen a package you can already make the appointment for the photo shoot.

How long does a shooting appointment take?
Our standard Real Estate vTour with 5 scenes takes between 45 and 60 minutes depending on the light condition and the preparation of the premises.

What do I have to prepare for the appointment?
Please be aware that the vTour will show the condition of the premises as of the point of when the pictures were taken. Please make sure the premises are well prepared, clean and tidy. Also make sure that no furniture is out of place or in the way. Our calculated time to take the shots is very limited. In the case of a delay we would require to impose a surcharge based on the delay.

How long will the production of the vTour take?
You can expect to get your vTour online within the following day.

What are the technical requirements?
A standard web browser will do. You do not need to purchase any special equipment or software.

How do I publish my vTour?
Once the vTour is online, we will send you a short HowTo explaining the next steps.

The integration into the portal of your preference (for example or will be done via copy & paste.

We will provide you the required shortcode.

On how many portals / websites can I publish the vTour simultaneously? Are there any limitations?
There are no limitations and you can publish the vTour as often as you want simultaneously.

What is a QR Code?
A QR Code is a little image which contains coded information. With the required mobile app, you can snap this image with your camera and you will be able to read the data. We will provide you the QR Code for your vTour which will automatically open up the vTour in a browser window.